Why Buy a Lift Kit

Why Buy A Lift Kit | Lakewood, WA

Why Buy – Lift Kit

Lakewood Ford in Lakewood, WA is proud to be the only Ford dealership in the region that offers custom lift kits and lifted trucks. Our specialized technicians work hard to ensure each and every truck customer leaves smiling and satisfied with their newly-lifted vehicle. If you are interested in purchasing a lifted truck or getting a lift kit for your current vehicle, there’s no better place in the whole state of Washington to do so than right here at Lakewood Ford.


What is a “lift kit”?

There are two types of lift kits for trucks: body lift kits and suspension lift kits. A body lift kit puts a high-grade nylon spacer between the body and frame of your truck, increasing its height by two to three inches. A suspension lift kit is a little more extreme and allows a truck owner to lift their truck essentially as high as they would like it to go. At Lakewood Ford, we work with you to perfectly customize your lift kit to your taste and needs.


What are the benefits of a lift kit?

A lot of folks think lift kits are all about the looks. While it is undeniable that there is something attractively hard-to-ignore about a massive, expertly-lifted pick-up roaring down the road, the benefits of getting a lift kit for your truck are far more than just cosmetic.

While it depends on exactly what sort of customizations you want done to your truck, most lift kits are fairly economical and are more cost-effective than buying a higher truck outright.  So, if you often go off-roading and have been hoping for a few more inches of clearance on those debris-riddled roads, a quick lift kit for your truck may just be the perfect answer.

If you need a lot more height, perhaps so you can get those massive new tires you’ve been eyeing for some time, Lakewood Ford can expertly perform a suspension lift to your exact specifications.

With a custom lift kit, you can truly make your truck look and perform exactly how you want it to. If you need a new truck to customize in the first place, you can check out our lineup here at Lakewood Ford.

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