A lifted truck is a truck that has been modified so that the body is an extra 1-3 inches off the ground, providing more clearance for the tires to give you better performance when off-roading. To have your truck lifted, visit a manufacturer-recognized upfitter like Lakewood Ford to install a lift kit. Give us a call here at Lakewood Ford in Lakewood, WA for more information about installing a lift kit on your truck.

Why install a lift kit
A lift kit can have a serious impact on your off-road driving. With a higher ride height and ground clearance, you can drive up and down steeper angles without worrying about damage to the bumpers. It also raises the truck's center of gravity for improved balance. It also gives you the option to install larger tires, which perform better on off-road terrain.

Body lift vs. suspension lift
You can get either a body lift kit or a suspension lift kit. A suspension lift is a more popular option and gives you more ground clearance than a body lift - it's the only way to get enough height for larger tires. On the other hand, it's a more expensive method, while a body lift is a cheaper way to get a little more ride height and still improve your truck's off-roading abilities.

How it works
A body lift kit is much simpler to install - it just uses spacers underneath the cab to boost the height of the body. That means the bumper is a bit higher off the ground but the suspension height is the same. The suspension lift kit, on the other hand, actually modifies the structure of the suspension so it sits higher off the ground, giving you significantly more ground clearance.

Using them together
You can install both a suspension lift and a body lift. In fact, most body lift kits are designed to work with suspension lift kits. If you want as much ground clearance as possible and a bold lifted look, equipping your truck with both a suspension lift kit and a body lift kit is a great option.