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Discover the Long-Lasting Value of Used Trucks in Lakewood, WA

Quality used vehicles are some of the best-sellers here at Lakewood Ford near Puyallup, WA. The inherent value, great price, and lower monthly payments of used vehicle options appeal to many consumers. Instead of paying a large monthly payment, huge down payment, and additional fees that go along with purchasing a new model, why not consider the financial advantages of a reliable used vehicle?

Among some of our most popular used vehicle options are pre-owned trucks. Built to last, used trucks hold their value well and performance at their maximum capacity long after a buyer might expect.

Differences in Used Truck Models

The options for used trucks are limitless at Lakewood Ford which is one of the many reasons to buy from us. From easy-going entry-level models, like the Ford F-150, to commercial-grade workhorses, like the Ford F-450HD, we have various options to choose from.

Typically, used trucks are categorized by their towing capabilities and user preference. While models like the Ford F-150 and the Ford F-250 work best for lighter jobs and intermittent towing, larger versions like the Ford F-350 and the Ford F-450HD were made to endure hard work and heavy hauling day in and day out in Lakewood, WA. Known as a half-ton, three-quarter-ton, and a one-ton, truck models, they are broken up into groups that help customers better estimate their towing power at first glance.

See What Used Truck Models are Available in Lakewood, WA

Used trucks are hot commodities, so inventory at Lakewood Ford is constantly changing. If you see something you like, you should snag it up while you can. In contrast, if you do not see what you are looking for, our inventory changes almost daily. If you are in search of a particular used truck model or certain attributes, contact our sales team, and we can let you know when we get a similar option in.

If you plan to sell your current vehicle for a new truck, get more bang for your buck and see what it's worth using our online trade-in advisor tool.

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