Pickup trucks are a trending segment due to their diverse powertrains and configurations, as well as their rugged strength. If you're new to pickup trucks, however, it can be overwhelming to navigate the sheer number of options available on the market. Here are some tips for buying a new pickup truck. Contact us at Lakewood Ford in Lakewood, WA if you have any other questions about what truck would suit your needs best. Or stop by in person to speak with one of our sales reps - we'll match you with the right Ford truck to suit your lifestyle and demands. 

Pick A Size And Category
Mid-size pickup trucks differ greatly from full-size trucks. You'll need to know which size you want when you are looking for your truck. Are you buying it for a double-cab to fit your family and the option of hauling large items during a move? A mid-size truck might fit your needs best. If you're looking for stronger towing capabilities and more trailering features, a full-size is a better option.

You will also need to determine the category of truck you need: light-, medium-, or heavy-duty. This primarily depends on how you will use it. Have an idea of what you will be towing, how often you will need it for towing, and the type of terrain you'll typically be driving it in. 

Select An Engine Type
It's also wise to know what you want under the hood before shopping for your new truck. Diesel engines will give you more torque and help you pull heavy cargo at low speeds, which is crucial because of the significant amount of force needed to start rolling a heavy trailer. However, there are also quite a few efficient engine options on some models that are worth investing if you value fuel economy over strength.

Choose Cab And Bed Size
Lastly, have some idea of what size cab and bed you'll need in your new truck. Consider how many people will be riding in your truck on a regular basis. Will you need a large cab to accommodate your family on long road trips, or can you forgo a roomy cab for a bigger bed? Answering these questions will help you narrow down what configuration of truck you should invest in.