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When the transmission in your vehicle seems like it is having a difficult time getting into gear or something just doesn’t seem right with your vehicle during the daily drive, it’s time to have the professionals at Lakewood Ford take a look. Unlike a traditional transmission repair shop, the factory trained technicians at Lakewood Ford not only specialize in transmissions, they also understand the rest of your vehicle and can apply that understanding for a more complete approach to extending the life of your vehicle.

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Why Might Your Vehicle Need Transmission Repair & Maintenance?

The transmission in your vehicle is responsible for transmitting the power from the engine to the wheels and without it, you will be going nowhere. If you put your vehicle in gear and there is a delay before anything happens, then you should bring it in for maintenance, and possibly repair, right away. Other symptoms of a transmission that needs attention include the engine revving with poor acceleration and if you hear strange noises from under the vehicle, you should bring it in immediately. If the transmission is at a point where you are concerned the vehicle isn’t reliable, we can help arrange a tow to Lakewood Ford serving Olympia, WA.

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How Often Should You Schedule Transmission Repair & Maintenance?

Regular transmission maintenance is crucial for avoiding expensive transmission repairs. Since vehicles, driving habits, and drivers are all so different, it is difficult to place a general rule on transmission service schedules that applies across the board. We recommend checking your owner’s manual or speaking with one of our service advisers for a transmission service schedule specific to your needs. If ever you notice something that doesn’t seem right with how your vehicle shifts, bring it in as soon as possible for any transmission repair that may be necessary.

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Contacting us at Lakewood Ford for transmission service and repair is easy by phone at (888) 786­8131. We also make scheduling your next service appointment easy online. Or, simply stop by our convenient location at 11503 Pacific Hwy SW, Lakewood, WA 98499. We’ll see you soon at Lakewood Ford.

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At Lakewood Ford, we are veterans serving veterans, which means we take pride in our work and we have the discipline to do it well. When you bring your Ford or any other major make of vehicle to our service department, your vehicle will be cared for by experienced experts. Our service specials are frequently updated to make it even easier to take the best care of your vehicle. When you have questions about service or maintenance for your vehicle, ask one of our expert technicians over the phone or in person. As we take care of your Ford, we insist on only using genuine Ford parts, which are always available in our well-stocked Parts Department near Spanaway, WA. We look forward to making your journey easier at Lakewood Ford!

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