New Ford Cars, Trucks, Vans, & SUVs at Every Price Point

While some automakers focus solely on producing a few select model types, others go the extra mile to excel at producing a wide array of vehicle models. Ford is a manufacturer that seeks to provide affordable vehicles to all and does not cater to a select market. From heavy-duty trucks to compact sedans, Ford has a model in every size, shape, and color. Take a look at what Lakewood Ford has to offer in our current Lakewood, WA inventory.

Ford Sedans

Sedans offer a great auto body style for Tacoma, WA commuting, small families, and new drivers. For someone who does not need extra space or loves the look of a sports car, a Ford sedan may work well. Two main models for Ford sedans are available. The Ford Fusion is an economical and mid-size sedan, while the Ford Mustang is a nostalgic powerhouse that can easily be customized for additional horsepower.

Ford Trucks

For Spanaway, WA buyers who are looking for extra transport space or additional horsepower for big jobs, a Ford truck serves this purpose well. Available in mid-size and full-size models and light-duty and heavy-duty capabilities, Ford has three truck options to choose from. The Ford Ranger is a truck that is smaller in stature, but mightier than one might think.

The Ford F-150 has been a staple in this automakers lineup for years, providing an exceptional mid-size truck experience. Buyers who need more horsepower, bed space, or towing capacity will likely find their needs met in the Ford Super Duty truck. From those who enjoy a truck for weekend work to those who rely on them for their daily livelihood, Ford has an option.

Ford Vans

Though Ford is not known as a producer of private passenger minivans, this automaker does produce and market commercial van options. While smaller artisans may enjoy the stature and maneuverability of the Ford Transit, those needing a larger working space will find refuge in the configurable nature of the Ford Transit Connect.

Ford SUVs

Providing the extra space, capacity, and comfort that large families need, Ford SUVs boast a commendable interior with the performance you can rely on. Due to their rise in popularity over recent years, Ford has expanded upon the SUV options it currently offers in its inventory.

From smaller crossovers, like the Ford EcoSport, to full-size SUVs, like the Ford Expedition, these models come with a variety of passenger capacity and seating options. Ford SUVs also make it easy to tow items with multiple passengers in tow. This makes your Puyallup, WA lake getaway with a boat is easier than ever. No buyer should have to sacrifice, and Ford makes it where you won't have to with their expansive array of SUV models.

Finding the Perfect Ford

Though some buyers know exactly what they are looking for when they enter Lakewood Ford, others are unsure of exactly which type of vehicle would best meet their needs in McChord Air Force Base. Our professionals can help narrow down your decisions and explain why different Ford models may work for you.

Buyers can then take a Ford inventory model on a test drive to see if it is a good fit and handles as expected. Do not wait for the right time to get a new vehicle. Come in and see what Ford inventory models Lakewood Ford has to offer today.

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