5 Must-Have Ford F-150 Upgrades

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All pickup drivers are different and rely on their trucks for a variety of tasks. Luckily, the Ford F-150 can be upgraded with a huge array of extra features so you can custom-make your pickup to perfectly suit your needs. Here are 5 must-have Ford F-150 upgrades we think every pickup driver should consider. Find out more about these F-150 accessories when you stop into Lakewood Ford in Lakewood, WA.


If you ever use your truck to haul cargo, a bedliner is an essential upgrade for your F-150. Bedliners help protect the floor and walls of your pickup’s bed, and they also improve traction, preventing your cargo from sliding around. You can get a spray-on bedliner, which is permanent but widely customizable, or a non-permanent drop-in bedliner, which is typically less expensive.

Cargo Tie-Downs

Cargo tie-downs open up a world of additional flexibility when added to your F-150. Some of the best are the Ford-exclusive BoxLink™ tie-down system, which features extra durable plates that fasten to reinforced areas of the bed.

Tonneau Cover

Truck-bed tonneau covers are great upgrades for the F-150 for a few reasons. These easy-to-use covers protect your cargo from the wind, rain, snow, and other elements and are also useful in keeping your cargo out of sight. Many Tonneau covers are retractable and can lock for added security.

Additional Cargo Management

Sometimes, one open compartment in the bed isn’t the best option. If you need additional organization in your truck’s bed, Ford Bed Dividers split the storage area into smaller compartments to prevent cargo from sliding around or getting mixed up while you’re on the go.

Truck-Bed Access

Bigger, taller cargo boxes offer increased versatility and functionality, but they can be difficult to access. Adding an available Ford-exclusive Tailgate Step to your cargo box solves this dilemma entirely. When the tailgate is down, this intuitive step drops down so you can quickly and easily access the cargo box.

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