As the best-selling truck in the U.S. for more than four decades, the Ford F-150 is a model that needs no introduction. Available with either a V-6 or V-8 engine and with three different bed and cab options, the F-150 is a model that has exceeded expectations year after year. And for the 2023 model year, Ford is looking to continue that trend by offering new tweaks to its design and several new Special Editions.

Ford F-150 Special Editions

For 75 years, the F-Series trucks have been a main staple in the Ford lineup. And because of such a special milestone, Ford has put out several new Special Editions for the occasion.

Heritage Edition

The 2023 F-150 Heritage Edition takes the tow-tone look of the 1970s and ‘80s and gives them a more modern feel. By combining the classic style of the past with the impressive durability, capability, and technology of today’s F-150, Olympia drivers will love every inch of this model.

Available on XLT trim for the F-150 truck, this reimagined design is a fresh interpretation of a classic paint pattern. By encompassing the roof and pillars in one color, the midsection in a different color, then repeating the color of the roof on the bumpers, lower door, and lower body, you’re left with a look that no Ford truck has had in decades. And in our opinion, it works.

But it’s not a mere paint job that makes the Heritage Edition a standout model - its interior design helps with that too. With distinct seat trim covers offering unique inserts, embossing on the console, and a white logo that appears in the upper center windshield and on the center screen startup animation, this blast from the past, is a one of a kind truck many are sure to fall for.

Color options for the Heritage Edition include:

  • Race Red midsection, with upper and lower Carbonized Gray
  • Atlas Blue midsection, with upper and lower Agate Black
  • Antimatter Blue midsection, with upper and lower Carbonized Gray
  • Avalanche midsection, with upper and lower Agate Black
  • Area 51 midsection, with upper and lower Agate Black

Raptor R Whipple Supercharger

Powered by the supercharged Ford 5.2-liter V8 Predator powerplant, The Raptor R Whipple is a special edition that is designed with power in mind. With an impressive 750 horsepower available, any Tacoma or Puyallup, WA driver will be able to zip through traffic faster than most sports cars.

And if you’re a racing enthusiast, then you’ll love the Whipple’s 3.8L Gen 5 Raptor R blower. This blower adds even more power to this vehicle’s impressive output, and it's illegal for road use in California or most other states. For clarification, this blower can provide over 2,000 horsepower when used for racing applications.

Though if you forgo the blower, the Whipple’s supercharger kit comes with pretty much everything one needs for installation. This includes all the necessary hardware and a billet idler plate, billet idler pulleys, an intercooler vent system, pre-made molded hoses, and more.

Custom Order a New Ford F-150

With the release of the 2023 model year and two new special editions, the new Ford F-150 is going to be in high demand. If you want to get your hands on a new model and avoid the wait for new stock to hit our dealership, consider placing a custom order.

By placing a custom order, McChord Air Force Base residents will have the opportunity to design any Ford F-150 model to their exact specifications. Customers can choose the color of the truck, its amenities, and so much more. Custom orders can be placed online, and in just a few weeks, you’ll be driving home in your new pickup.

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