Summer driving season is fast approaching, and with that long drives to destinations far and wide. Such trips don't deserve to have issues or needless events incurred. It doesn't take much to be prepared and safe, only common sense toward a vehicle in good working order and proper documentation for vehicle and driver. Steps to be taken are easy in lessening danger and the all-too-often traffic stop:

  • Inspect your vehicle prior to setting off. Make sure there are no body issues, cracked windscreens or undercarriage entanglements. Nighttime is the proper moment to ensure headlights and taillamps are emitting significant light and casing integrity is not compromised. This being an easy target to arouse suspicion.
  • Always make sure your driver license, vehicle registration and insurance information are all up-to-date. Should you be stopped for anything amiss, documentation that's current will save much hassle in the long run.
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