When you spend hours in traffic, our Lakewood, WA staff know that a bit of comfort goes a long way. That's why we love the Ford Fusion Hybrid. This popular hybrid sedan features a cabin that's designed to help you relax, so you can arrive at work feeling refreshed.

Get behind the wheel of the Ford Fusion Hybrid, and you'll see what we mean immediately. This car features active noise control — it counteracts the exterior noises with an equal but opposite sound. The result is a super-quiet, calming interior atmosphere.

If you've ever dug around in your bag or pocket to find your keys, you know it can be a hassle. The Ford Fusion Hybrid eliminates the struggle with the push-button start. As long as your key is on you, you can simply push the button to start the engine. See how easy it is when you test-drive the Ford Fusion Hybrid at Lakewood Ford today.

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